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Corning® HPFS® 7979, 7980, 8655 Fused Silica Optical Materials Product Information Specialty Materials Division


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Corning HPFS 7979, 7980, 8655 Fused Silica Optical Materials Product Information Specialty Materials Division2HPFS 7979, 7980 and 8655 Fused SilicaDedication to technology leadership and world-class metrology capabilities play a major role in Corning s ability to produce leading edge materials. Corning is committed to ensuring that its customers are provided qualified, authentic has a minimum of 25 years of measurement experience and provides a certificate of compliance for each sale of product to verify the authenticity of our HPFS Fused Silica Silica is offered in many different grades to support various product applications. Glass codes 7980, 7979, and 8655 are high purity non-crystalline silica glasses with excellent optical characteristics include extraordinary low refractive index variations leading to state-of-the-art homogeneity values, lowest birefringence values, large size capabilities, exceptional transmittance from the deep ultraviolet through the infrared region, and an ultra-low thermal expansion coefficient; all of which are critical to our customers demanding Summary of Key Attributes1. Defines the sum of the cross section in mm2 of inclusions per 100 cm3 of glass. Inclusions with a diameter mm are disregarded. 2. Refers to the diameter of the largest single Index homogeneity: the maximum index variation (relative), measured over the clear aperture of the blank. 4. Index homogeneity is certified using an interferometer at nm. The numerical homogeneity is reported as the average through the piece thickness. Blanks with a diameter up to 450 mm can be analyzed over the full aperture. Larger parts can be analyzed using multiple overlapping apertures. The minimum thickness for index homogeneity verification is 20 mm. For thinner parts, the parent piece is certified. 5. NS (Not Specified)Inclusion ClassHomogeneity 3,4 [ppm]GradeClassTotal Inclusion Cross Section1 [mm2]Maximum Size2 [mm]AA 1B 2D 3E 4F 5G NS50 1 2 3 4 5 Quality Grade Selection ChartAttributeFused Silica7980 Standard Grade7980 KrF Grade7980 ArF Grade7980 Mirror Grade7980 Industrial Grade7979 IR Grade8655 ArF GradeVisible Transmittance UV Transmittance Infrared Transmittance Homogeneity Certified in Use-AxisAA, A, C, F (By Size) Inclusion Class Certified0, 1, 2, 5 Striae CertifiedISO 10110-4 Class 5 (None) Homogeneity Certified in Off-AxisAA, A, C, F (By Size) Low Birefringence UV Laser Resistant(Data available upon request) Economical (No certification of any properties except visible transmission. Tooling applications.) For Mirror Grade - see chart on next page3Mirror Quality Grade Selection Chart Mechanical PropertiesUnless otherwise stated, all values @ 25 CElastic (Young s) Modulus73 GPaShear Modulus31 GPaModulus of Rupture, MPaBulk GPaPoisson s g/cm3Knoop Hardness (100g load)522 kg/mm2Tensile Strength54 MPaCompressive GPaMirror Grade: Inclusion ClassesCritical Zone:Blank Dimensions (Diameter or Diagonal)< 508 mm(20 )508 - 1143 mm(20 - 45 )1143 - 2286 mm(45 - 90 )Max. Mean mm( ) mm( ) mm( )Max. Avg. #/mm3 (#/in3)2 ppm ( )3 ppm( )5 ppm( )Non-Critical Zone:Blank Dimensions (Diameter or Diagonal)< 508 mm(20 )508 - 1143 mm(20 - 45 )1143 - 2286 mm(45 - 90 )Max. Mean mm( ) mm( ) mm( )Max. Avg. #/mm3 (#/in3)3 ppm( )3 ppm( )9 ppm( )Inclusion ClassHomogeneity Grade BirefringenceLower specifications available upon request [nm/cm]StriaeISO 10110-4 ClassMetallic Impurities[ppb]OH Content[ppm]7979 IR Grade0, 1, 2AA, A, C, F 55< 100< 17980 Standard Grade**0 - 5AA - F 55< 1000800 - 10007980 KrF Grade*0, 1, 2AA, A, C, F 15< 500800 - 10007980 ArF Grade*0, 1, 2AA, A, C, F 15< 100800 - 10007980 Mirror GradeSee belowNS 51NS800 - 10007980 Industrial GradeNSNS 51NS800 - 10008655 ArF Grade*0, 1, 2AA, A, C, F 15< 10< 1HPFS Data and Properties* No visible fluorescence when exposed to deuterium source from 215 nm - 400 nm. Material contains hydrogen to minimize absorption under UV exposures. ** HPFS 7980 Standard Fluorescence-Free Grade available upon Code:798079798655ViscositySoftening Point*1585 C1627 C1627 poisesAnnealing Point*1042 C1180 C1180 C1013 poisesStrain Point*893 C1068 C1068 poisesSpecific Heat J/(g K)Thermal Conductivity W/(m K)Thermal Diffusivity cm2/sThermal Expansion** (ppm/C):5 C to 35 x 10-60 C to 200 x 10-6-100 C to +200 x 10-6ASTM Procedures - *C-598, **E-228Thermal Properties4*1 Polynomial Equation: n2 = A0 + A1 4 + A2 2 + A3 -2 + A4 -4 + A5 -6 + A6 -8 + A7 -10 with in m*2 Sellmeier Equation: n2-1 = A1 2/( 2 - B1) + A2 2/( 2 B2) + A3 2/( 2 B3) with in m*3 n/ T Equation: n/ T [ppm/C] = C0 + C1 -2 + C2 -4 + C3 -6 with in mThe above dispersion equations were fit to the refractive indices of 20 wavelengths from 1129 nm to 185 : 22 C, 760 mm Hg, N2Wavelength [Vacuum] [nm]Refractive Index2 nThermal Coefficient n/ T3 [ppm/C]Polynomial Dispersion Equation Constants1, 22 + Dispersion Equation Constants2, 22 n/ T Dispersion Equation Constants3, 20-25 Other Optical PropertiesnF'-nC' nm/cm MPa Abbe Index and Dispersion: HPFS 79805*1 Sellmeier Equation: n2-1 = A1 2/( 2 - B1) + A2 2/( 2 B2) + A3 2/( 2 B3) + A4 2/( 2 B4) with in m*2 n/ T Equation: n/ T [ppm/C] = D0 + D1 2 + D2 -2 + D3 -4 + D4 -6 with in m The above Sellmeier dispersion equation was used to fit the refractive indices of 35 wavelengths from 2326 nm to 185 : 22 C, 760 mm Hg, N2Wavelength [Vacuum] [nm]Refractive Index1 nThermal Coefficient2 n/ T [ppm/C]Sellmeier Dispersion Equation Constants1, 20 + Dispersion Equation Constants1, 22 nC' nF' + Dispersion Equation Constants1, 25 + n/ T Dispersion Equation Constants2, 20-25 + Other Optical PropertiesnF'-nC' nm/cm MPa Abbe Index and Dispersion: HPFS 8655 and 79796HPFS 7980 Standard Grade meets high Ti %/cm @185 nm. (Equivalent to Te %/cm @185 nm)HPFS 7980 KrF Grade meets high Ti %/cm @248 nm. HPFS 7980 ArF Grade meets high Ti %/cm @193 nm. HPFS 8655 Grade meets high Ti %/mm @193 nm. HPFS 8655 Grade Typical initial absorption k: at 193 transmittance is available upon request. UV Internal TransmittanceBroad Spectrum Internal Transmittance010203040506070809010005001 0001500200025003000350040004500Ti[%/cm]W avelength [nm]8655 [%/cm]Wavelength [nm]8655/797979807North America Sales OfficeCorning IncorporatedSemiconductor Optics Business334 County Route 16Canton, NY 13617t: : Sales OfficeCorning GmbHCorning InternationalAbraham-Lincoln-Strasse 30D-65189 Wiesbaden Germanyt: or : or : are here to help you specify the best product for your application. For further information, please contact:Worldwide AccessibilityAsia Sales OfficesCorning International JapanAkasaka Intercity, 7th Floor1-11-44, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052Japant: : International1 Kim Seng Promenade#12-12Great World CityWest TowerSingapore 237994Republic of Singaporet: : Korea Company Floor, Gangnam Finance Center737 Yeoksam-DongGangnam-GuSeoul, Korea 135-984t: : Glass Taiwan Co. # 1023, 12FNo. 205Tun Hua North Road Tiapei, Taiwant: : (Shanghai) Sales OfficeCorning China (Shanghai) Regional Headquarters8F, Wheelock Square1717 West Nanjing RoadShanghai China 200040t: : additional product or technical information, please visit: place an order, obtain additional technical information or specific requirements, please contact us at The information contained herein is based upon data considered to be accurate. However, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the performance of this product. The only applicable warranties are those that are set out in a contract or purchase agreements. 2015 Corning Incorporated. All Rights and HPFS are registered trademarks of Corning Incorporated, Corning, NY. Corning Incorporated, One Riverfront Plaza, Corning, NY 14831-0001Corning/Specialty Materials/Product Information Sheet 7979, 7980 and 8655 July, 2015

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